High-Rise Fire Safety

High-Rise Fire Safety

Do You Live or Work in a High-Rise Building that Isn’t Protected by Fire Sprinklers?

If so, Sprinkler Fitters Local Union 281 would like you to consider having us make a presentation to your Board of Directors about Installing Fire Sprinklers and here why: 

•    Fire Sprinklers Save Lives and Protect Property 
•    Fire Sprinklers are the Single Most Effective Way to Protect High-Rise Occupants in a Fire 
•    Fire Sprinklers Often Suppress Fires Before the Fire Department Arrives 
•    Smoke is Extremely Harmful Especially if the Fire is Below You 
•    Less Water Damage to the Residence, Work Place, & Entire Building from Fire Sprinklers than Fire Hoses 
•   Installing Fire Sprinklers is Less Intrusive/Expensive than you Might Think because the Infrastructure of Standard Fire Pumps, Stand Pipes, and Fire Hose Valves Already Exist in Your Building 
•    Financing Options are Available 
•    Pays for Itself Over Time 
•    Tax Breaks 
•    Insurance Savings 

Please be Sure to Click on the Time Lapse Video to see how Quickly a Fire Sprinkler Suppresses a Fire in a Room with a Fire Sprinkler Compared to a Fire in a Room without a Fire Sprinkler and how Long it takes for the Fire to be Extinguished even with Fire Fighters on Site. 

Also, Please Click on Our Burn Trailer Demonstration which we would like to Bring to Your Building to Show You and Your Board Members how Quickly Fire Sprinklers Suppress Fires, Saves Lives, Protects Property, and Limits Smoke Danger and Water Damage.

Please give us a Call and Invite Us to make a Presentation at Your Next Board of Directors Meeting to Show You how You can Save Lives, Property, and Money at 708-597-1800. 

Below is a Playlist of videos related to Fire Sprinkler Systems.  Click 'Play All' to view all the videos.